Do-It-Yourself Ring Roller

How to make your own Ring Roller:

The Ring Roller we have in the Theatre Metalworkshop is used mainly by Costume students for making crinolines, paniers, corset boning and headresses etc.

I made it by adapting a large metalworking bench vice. The vice jaws were removed and replaced with two heavy gauge pieces of steel angle which carry the rollers mounted on top (as shown in the image below).

Closing the vice with the vice handle  applies the pressure to the steel, which will be rolled between the rollers.

In all honesty the large bench vice was a little over-kill as the rollers aren’t able to cope with anything more than 5-6mm o/d steel. However, it works really well and is always being used.

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5 Responses to Do-It-Yourself Ring Roller

  1. Harvey Melvin Richards says:

    How does the ring roller work? I have a Metl Former vise that has a similar attachment, but I’ve never used it.

  2. Andrew Kyrover says:

    This ring roller is just what I need. How did you make the actual rollers, did you lathe them or is there somewhere I can get them from?
    I have no lathe or major cutting equipment, I just need to bend some 3/16 mild steel bar into rings of various diameters.
    Thank you

    • Profile photo of Steve Wood Steve Wood says:

      Yes the rollers were turned on a lathe. Nothing special though, 4 weights from an old technical drawing table. Without a lathe it’s going to be hard to make. Cooksons the silver suppliers sell a mini ring roller, in the UK that is.

      • Andrew Kyrover says:

        Thanks Steve. The roller on Cooksons looks good, but a bit out of my price range. I’ll find a local metal fabricators and see if someone there has some time to spare to turn me three rollers from some thick walled pipe. I do like your design, very ingenious.

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